The Porn One 😳

In this SEASON FINALE special, we’re talking about the untalked about… pornography. We don’t mean the Playboy magazine you had under your bed when you were 14. We’re talking about the cause of 68% of divorces, the 962 searches per SECOND, the unspoken addiction. Why is porn a bad thing? I’m not touching anyone. Why […]

Do We Have To Share MY Money?!

Why do married couples need to merge their finances? You are combining your life with this person, why would you not combine your finances? Ultimately, it always comes down to a trust issue. You trust that your spouse is not going to take care of things, so it’s easy to fall into the mindset of […]

Emotional Immaturity: The Problem & The Solution

Emotional immaturity is the inability to control how we respond to outside influences. Difficult conversations are especially good at highlighting areas where we may not be emotionally mature—certain topics really get our emotions going. So the question is, are you going to respond in a mature way, or not? It’s easy to keep everything surface […]

I Woke Up Next To A Stranger!

You may have had this moment in your marriage where you “woke up next to a stranger,” and don’t recognize the person you’re laying next to. Maybe it’s their physical appearance, their personality, or you honestly just don’t know who they are anymore—either way, they’ve changed, and if we had to guess, you probably have, […]

In-Laws Or Out-Laws? Marrying The Family

A common piece of marriage advice you hear is: “You’re not marrying the family.” WRONG. Whether you like it or not, you’re not just marrying your husband or wife—you get the whole sha-bang. Don’t get us wrong, this can absolutely be a great thing! But it can also be, well.. not so great. Are your […]

Are Selfies Cheating?

Social Media: Where every marriage is perfect, our kids are angels, and nothing bad ever happens… ever. 🙂 Not only do we add filters onto every picture, but what about the filter we put over our actual lives? Ouch. Instagram mom is a great concept, but it’s just not reality. Listen as Taylor poses the […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Oh no, not the taboo topic of sex! What? Who are we kidding? Sex is a normal part of marriage! Well, at least it’s SUPPOSED to be. Our wives, Megan and Erica, join us in this scandalous episode where nothing is off the table. From sexless marriages to sexpectations, we’re covering it all! Or should […]

So We Had Kids… Now What? Pt 2

In part 2 of “So We Had Kids…”, Taylor and Jeremy are back with their wives, Megan and Erica, to discuss the fun and the not-so-fun parts of marriage after kids. Is your house ran by your kids? Are they still sleeping in your bed? What about toys, allowances, chores? Let’s dive in!   Watch […]

So We Had Kids… Now What? Pt. 1

Ahh… children. It’s no secret that things change after you have kids, and your marriage is no exception. From co-sleeping to child-centered homes, we didn’t hold anything back. Join us as Taylor and Jeremy talk alongside their wives, Megan and Erica, and reframe what life after kids SHOULD look like.   Don’t forget to watch […]

Why Do Marriages Fail?

During his therapy sessions, Jeremy asks every person one question: “Why do marriages fail?” No one enters a marriage hoping that their relationship doesn’t work out. If we know why marriages fail, we’re able to avoid the issues that may lead to divorce before they get to that point.

The Heart Behind It All

Meet Taylor Kovar and Jeremy Gilliam, the hearts and voices behind The Millionaire Marriage podcast.

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