Let’s Talk Fertility With The Radkes!

In this SEASON FINALE special episode, we joined David & Melissa Radke, the stars of reality TV show, The Radkes, on USA Network, and author of Melissa’s book, “Eat Cake. Be Brave.”, to discuss their journey through infertility and eventually, adoption. Listen as they tell their heartbreaking story behind not being able to carry full term, […]


Taylor asks every client at his investment firm one question; Why are you working? Usually, their response is to give their children a better life than what they had. It’s important to know why you’re working, why you’re saving for retirement, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Goal setting is an important part of […]

Military Marriages: Holding The Fort Down

Retired Army Major & Military Chaplain, Doug Hogsten, joins us in this eye-opening episode where we dive into the reality of marriage in the military. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in some cases that may be true, but there is something about this particular kind of distance that changes a […]

Tips To STOP Emotional Holiday Spending

In this episode, Jeremy shares a story about his own personal experience as an emotional spender around the holidays. Not sticking to budgets that you and your spouse set for each other, going overboard on the Christmas gifts, the whole nine yards. FUN FACT: You are NOT required to buy a gift for your cousin’s […]

Reasons Why YOU Ruin The Holidays

“The most wonderful time of the year” actually ends up bringing a lot of stress and anxiety for a lot of people. Poor relationships with family members, with your spouse, and of course the pressure of feeling like you have to buy all the gifts and host all the parties.

Needless to say—it’s a lot. The inability to establish healthy boundaries CAN and WILL set you up for a miserable holiday.

So, what can your spouse do to keep from ruining everything? OR, better yet.. how can YOU keep from ruining this special time of year for your family? Let’s dive in!

Taking Care Of Aging Parents

Ahh, parents. The people who gave us life. The ones who taught us how to walk and talk and everything in between.

What happens when they get older and start to depend on US? Should we financially support our aging parents? What if we can’t afford to? How do we even begin to have that conversation with them?

In this episode, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of all of your questions regarding aging parents.

Should I Leave My Marriage?

If there were ever a time we did not want to record an episode, it was this one. Nobody wants to discuss whether or not it’s time to leave your marriage, but we vowed from the beginning of this podcast to talk about the things that nobody wants to talk about. Have you been looking […]

What Were You Expecting?

Unmet expectations. AKA—The silent killer of relationships. When we go into a marriage, we automatically have these expectations of what things SHOULD look like. We expect our finances to be done our way, our sex life to be perfect, the house to be spotless, and a hot meal on the table waiting for us each […]

A Round In The Ring

Ding, ding, ding—round one!

So what does it really mean to “fight fair?”

Fighting with our spouse means having a conflict or argument, but fighting fair means that we are both working toward a win-win scenario. After all, if you win the fight but your spouse “loses,” are you actually winning anything at all?

You Shouldn’t Have A Work-Life Balance!

What happens when you balance things? It means you give them equal weight. Contrary to popular belief, your job/life/ministry does NOT deserve the same time and effort as your family does. Warning: this is a heavy one.

Boundaries Are HEALTHY!

Why do we build fences for our outside animals? So that they don’t run out to the street and get hurt. Why would you not want to set those same boundary lines that protect your marriage? In this episode, we’re discussing why it’s important to establish boundaries that are healthy for your family.

How To Love Your Wife

Recent studies show that over 1,000 women Google “Does my husband hate me?” per month. Come on guys, as men, we can do better!

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