The Truth About Financial PTSD

We had the honor of sitting down with Joe Ceasar, founder of Legacy Institute for Financial Education. After being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder while in the military, Joe realized that PTSD comes in many different forms, including financially. So—what is Financial PTSD? It’s a type of sustained stressor one experiences that will affect the […]

Living In A Hustle Culture

RISE AND GRIND… right? Ehh, we’re not completely sold. While there are plenty of good things that come from the “hustle culture” that we live in, there are also a lot of downfalls that can be detrimental to our home life if we aren’t proactive in setting those boundaries. We’ve been made to feel like […]

For Better Or Worse

Whether you read traditional vows or wrote your own, you made commitments on your wedding day. But do they really matter? Did we actually mean “in sickness and in health” or “till death do us part,” or were we just going through the motions? All too often, we view marriage as a contractual agreement rather […]

Do We Have To Share MY Money?!

Today’s topic is a big one that many people approach differently, or may not even approach at all: merging finances.    We’re coming right out of the gate hot and laying everything on the line with you guys: Jeremy and his wife, Erica, have merged finances—one checking account, two debit cards. My wife, Meg, and […]

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