Take turns drawing cards and reading aloud to your spouse. Each card will present a new thought- and discussion-provoking question. Just as marriage is a two-way street, you’ll BOTH want to answer before moving on to the next card! And if you get stuck, no worries—we’ve included additional guided content under each question to get your thoughts going.

Some of these questions will be fun to think about and imagine with your spouse, but it’s important to remember that others may lead to painful conversations. Give yourself time, and give yourself grace; you don’t need to conquer all 50 cards in one sitting (unless you really want to).

Every couple is different, so this can be a breeze, or this can be a process. If the two of you would rather complete the deck in one night, more power to you! But if you’d rather do a handful of cards each day until you complete them all, that is a-okay in our book, too.

Remember, these cards are not meant to make the two of you be at odds or go to war over specific topics. Communication is key! Don’t cower away from your own, valid feelings, but also know that you are on the same team to better compromise on any disagreements that may arise.


All in all, if you enjoy any of the discussion cards, be sure to check out the other decks we have available!


Don’t miss the list of resources we’ve compiled below—we always keep it updated with more to do and read, so you can keep working on yourself as a spouse, and strengthening your marriage as a whole!
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