lets talk about sex

Let’s Talk About SEX!

Yeah, we kinda just jumped right into that one with the title, didn’t we? Haha, welcome back to another Millionaire Marriage blog! Today it’s Jeremy

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So We Had Kids… Now What? Pt. 1

Welcome, everyone! It’s Jeremy Gilliam. Today’s Millionaire Marriage session is pretty great because we have two special guests: Taylor’s wife, Megan, and my wife, Erica!

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Why Do Marriages fail

Why Do Marriages Fail?

Hey, guys! Welcome back to another Millionaire Marriage blog post, where a financial advisor and a family/marriage therapist talk raw topics in relationships—you name it,

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The Heart Behind It All

Welcome to the very first Millionaire Marriage blog post! We’re just recently kicking this thing off, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it

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