Season Four
Season Four
Are Screens Raising Your Kids?

Welcome to 2022, where we introduce phones, iPads, and screens of every shape and size into our kiddo’s lives from the moment they’re old enough to focus their eyes.

Don’t worry, we’re just as guilty of this. It’s so easy to give your kids a screen in order to keep them entertained, but when does it become an actual hindrance to their social development?

If we’re not careful, we’ll use “screen time” as a babysitter and leave our kiddos feeling like they have to stay in a constant state of entertainment. By limiting screen time, we help teach our children how to interact with people in real life, how to dream and use their imaginations, and how to pay attention.

Limits are good, boundaries are good, and kids WANT boundaries. Let’s talk about how to set them, and stick to them.

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