Season Four
Season Four
Rubber Band Marriage

Everyone has the moment when you hit a wall in your marriage, and something breaks. What you do in response to those moments is pivotal to the health of your marriage.

Let’s think about it as if your marriage is your body. In order to steer clear of sickness, you build up your immune system: you take vitamins, get familiar with your body’s normals, and seek help if something is wrong.

The vitamins for your marriage would be communication, understanding, grace, and collaboration among other things. Get familiar with your spouse and how things normally work in your marriage, what is the give/take, and how do you best talk to your partner?

Building a good foundation and practices in your marriage is the key to having a resilient marriage. They don’t happen by accident. Great marriages are formed through pressure, trials, and triumph.

They are steeped in flexibility. Finding the right rhythm for you and your spouse is pertinent to how well you will handle the adversity and ultimately come out stronger.

If you take an elastic band and stretch it to its absolute limit, when you release the band, what happens? It returns to its original state. When your marriage is built on the rock, when trouble and hardship DO come, and they will… your marriage CAN be healed and restored back to its original state.

Let’s dive in!

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